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The Past

VISUAL RAP - 1st visual rap album (RapGenius)

SPAM - 2nd visual rap album (RapGenius)

VOGUE - 3rd visual rap album (RapGenius)

Words Fail - Exhibition

Words Fail - Graffuturism

My name is - Artsy.nl

My name Is - Vandalog

Telling Fibs - First Solo Exhibition (2009)

Love Thy Neighbourhood - Exhibition

Love Thy Neighbourhood - Street Campaign

Excuse Me - Short Film

#GiveAwayGang - Twitter Giveaway

Graffiti Iceberg - Meme creation

Graffiti Iceberg - Buzzhunt comments

Graffiti Iceberg - Reddit comments

Vandalog - Introduction

VNA Magazine - Interview

Ezinem - London street stuff

Wooster Collective - The Needle

Munny - Hookedup Blog

Chux - Street Installations

MTV ad campaign

Fire Awareness Installation - Cape Town

whatiftheworld - Gallery signage

Some logo's and T-shirts

Old Bathroom Studio

Old Paintings


Old Website #1

Old Website #2

Old Flickr Account

Exhibition List